Thursday, December 22, 2011

fun stuff...

...MORE fun stuff that is keeping me from doing the 'other' stuff but I just can't help myself.

It took like 55 million people to make this happen but here's how it went down:
CASA DC gets donations of toys/clothes/gift cards for all their foster kids for Christmas.

They pour in over the last weeks of December and fill up an ENTIRE conference room perimeter up to your knees/hips. 

Last year, my buddy Liza mentioned that she and her colleagues spent many hours wrapping those donations.
And I thought, "right, when you could be helping a child or counseling a CASA, but instead you're doing something that any suburban mom would totally rock at and be able to do just as easy"

My thoughts turned into actuality this year!
Liza was out of town, no matter, I gathered some troops and we still showed up.

The information that filtered down to us was that there were 30 bags of stuff to wrap.
Try 130.
I'm guessing but not exaggerating.

30 presents.
So, I set up another SAINT to watch the girls while I went and wrapped some gifts with another friend.
an hour, maybe two, right?

'cept there weren't 30.
well, there 100+.

WHICH IS AN AMAZING BLESSING and I spent the entire time blown away by peoples generosity.
really wowed.
(and couldn't STOP thinking about God's hand in each one of the specific gifts for the specific kids.)

and by entire time, I mean 4-5 hours.
we stopped to go get a quick buffet lunch and pick up more supplies at a drug store but other than that, it was all wrapping.

and by 4:30p we were about 2/3 of the way done but not done.

We HAD to go.

We had told the people watching our kids that we'd be just a few hours and we'd more than doubled that.

And if you're local you've already put the pieces together about the significance of mentioning 4:30pm.

Leaving at 4:30pm from DC is torture.
(on a rainy day - just automatically makes it WORSE than worse, even if there are no wrecks) 

We left, I dropped Crystal off, picked up the girls and by the time we stepped in the door to our house, it was 6:30pm.
Not in traffic that would have taken MAYBE 40 minutes.

again, a friend watched the girls.
total time 8.5 hours.
which is why I will now always refer to her as Saint Mache.
I personally canonized her so you will all now refer to her as such too, k?
Let's say it together, "Saint Mache".
good job.

Learning experience.
Now we know what to expect, what to bring, how long to plan for.
Next year will be SO much better.
More troops will be enlisted, more time will be allotted, more gift bags will be utilized.

Insanity, learning experience and a little messy but, 

these babies.
these young adults.
these children.
these miracles.

God loves them.
I love them.
this was so SMALL in comparison to what I dream to do for them but it was so special to be a part of.

I can't even describe to you how many times we could almost tangibly feel the Holy Spirit there.
Pointing things out to us, closing our mouths at special times, directing us, wowing us.

that always happens, doesn't it?
you go to help and you are blessed more in return than you could imagine.

I LOVE that.
And I LOVE that I can never imagine how blessed I'll be.
It's impossible and perfect.

 hilarious inside joke going on down here....this scent showed up at our mom's white elephant exchange the other night - it's not one of our favorite but somehow we got sprayed...ok, mostly Crystal got sprayed like 6 times with the stuff...and then HERE IT WAS AGAIN!
 and in the same package as these puppies!!!!
hee hee hee....
 see, more incredible friend to share that 5+hours with!!!!!!!
she made it EASY.
thanks girl. more time "Saint Mache"


Courtney said...

awesome, awesome! so much more meaningful than the other "stuff". so just keep moving on, girl! love it!

Courtney said...

ps. except for the traffic in dc on a rainy afternoon. that is NOT awesome. i KNOW!

Missy said...

In addition to all the other really important stuff we talked about earlier....all I've got to say is whoever is gettin' those Hunger Games books is one lucky person! That's the gift that will keep on givin' right there!

Oh, and way to go Saint rock girl!

Liza said...

Hurray for Saint Mache, Saint Crystal and Saint Holly! You blessed us more than you can possibly imagine. So glad you were blessed in the blessing :) Love you lots!

Liz W. said...

what an amazing way to give back during the holidays. I'm "IN" for next year, this would be an awesome 'girls day out'!!