Tuesday, December 20, 2011


just went to go check my mail.
a package I have been anxiously awaiting came.
stamped: Received Unsealed.


and it's obvious it wasn't an accident.
it was opened.
someone stole my stuff!!!!!!

I called the guy who I ordered from and he's resending me the package.
that's what I call cool.
and amazing customer service.
and WOW.

I'm sharing his info here.
because not only is it amazing customer service, it's an adorable game/resource for all ages.

Pick and Draw Card Game.

keep this handy and please use him!!!
someone stole FIVE of the card games and he's resending them all.

(and if you're local and you're my friend, your gift might be late this year 'cause some dork stole my mail!)

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i'm beccy. said...

We LOVE that game at our house!!!!!!