Tuesday, December 20, 2011

no joke.

I have an 8 day trip with 6 people to pack/prepare for.
Christmas presents to still buy and wrap.
A nasty house.
My cards are still sitting here.
I ran out this year.
So I'm drawing some more.
Not 'cause I'm creative or anything cool like that.
just cheap and lazy.
and weird.
didn't want to buy more.
didn't want to get in the car again.


 this has been here since Friday.
and it keeps growing.
the girls are coming down every morning to get what they need.
I'm thinking one day we just go with it.
use a spare bedroom as our community closet.
hang nothing.
pile everything.
dream. dream. dream.

all that do to but really, we're having fun while we're NOT doing the 'important' things.

we're going to plays at the local college because they are $6 a ticket and amazing quality.

laughing my head off for hours at a mom's Christmas party.  
I swear I had makeup on when I got there but magically it was gone by the time the party was over.
who knew moms could throw down over a White Elephant.
oh yeah. I was there. 
me likes to stir the 'White Elephant Pot'.
it's always worth it.

drawing Christmas cards 'cause we have so many amazing people in our lives that 120 cards WASN'T ENOUGH! uh...blessing!

baking. eating. cooking. eating. baking. eating. repeating.

this area might be insane and crowded and packed and congested and overpopulated (how many ways can I put that? and yes, I just mean in terms of the U.S.) but I am loving the theatre options!

(as the song from White Christmas is ringing in my head, "...the theatre, the theatre, o what has happened to the the theatre..." (sing it with me Amp!) gosh that's my favorite Christmas movie!!!)

back to work.
back to avoiding the work.



Courtney said...

i don't know what to say.

love you!

Anonymous said...

Know that your laundry pile blessed my day :) Adjusting to life with Jakey means most of the time our clean loads get put in the crib for when there is time. I hang the loads I can and hope it will eventually disappear, like before Jacob outgrows his bassinet...Sami

Stacy said...

This is SO ME!!! :O) Where are you going? We leave in less than 24 hrs to Colorado and I still have dog packing and drop off, dr. appointment, husband who needs to pack, presents to wrap and figure out how to pack, shoes to decide on, packing to finish, house to clean. My neighbor...bless her heart...took the kids for 6 hours yesterday so I could run errands and get things done. ugh. But today is full of time-consuming things away from the house but we still have to be ready to walk out the door before we go to bed tonight. ugh. I'll pray for you if you pray for me! deal?!