Monday, December 19, 2011

Invisible Kids

book review.

Invisible Kids
by Holly Schlaak

A call to action from the community for foster kids.

As very close friends of mine who work directly with foster kids put it, "homeless children".
All foster kids are homeless.

They may have a bed (or may not) in a house but it is not their home.
They have no real choices.
Where they will live, where they go to school, who will be in their lives tomorrow....or later today, when they will move, when they'll be forced to do ______(fill in the blank).

Holly Schlaak gives a very real, but not over dramatized, picture of the system and ends with 12 very practical ways to be in that system no matter your time or lifestyle.

These are our 'orphans'.
We are just too proud sophisticated to call them orphans but they are.
Many of them are.  Some are not.  Some will be reconciled to their birth families but many will not and all of them have been hurt, abused, neglected, damaged, etc... by adults.

They are in our backyards.
They are in our schools.
They will be adults in our community one day.
They are Jesus creations.
Beautiful creations.
And what they really need spends absolutely no money.

Read the book for a great description of what it is that they DO need.
From us.
From all of us.

good book.
very very good book.

I wish I had the cash flow to buy this and Renting Lacy for every person I knew that breathed.

Both would be incredible books to put on a New Years Resolution list!!!


Missy said...

Another book to add to my list! I WILL read Renting Lacy this year. I will! And this one. I think I will borrow it from you when I get there. :~) Keep it handy.

Courtney said...

ordering them both. now.