Friday, January 6, 2012

the after:

we're back.
been back for a couple of days.
catching up.
blog is on my list.
will get there soon.

until then, here is the 'after'.
waiting on our bags, right before we caught the shuttle back to our car.
the one with the dead battery in 17 degree weather.
that one.

(actually, the girls were rockstars..this was as close to meltdown anyone EVER got.
like the whole 7 days.
and the car battery was fine, some guy just happened to be sitting in his truck right by our car so it was jumped in like 5 min's and we were back in action.
NO traffic home....really, we needed that break!)

picture palooza to come!


Courtney said...

yay! i can't wait! i've been patiently waiting over here... :)

Liz W. said...

Welcome back !!!! I too have been patiently waiting for the "after" photos.

Glad to hear that you guys had a smooth trip!!