Friday, January 6, 2012

basketball 2011

Jake comes from a very athletic family.
like, in these pictures you are able to spot 3 high school/middle school coaches.
between them there are over 50 years of coaching.

Basketball is a sixth love language here.
(along with baseball, ping pong, golf, volleyball and tennis)

In age order:
Uncle Jerry (yellow hat)
Grandpa/Sam (red tank) - coach
Aunt Sherrie (the girl) - coach
those three are siblings.

Grandpa's/Sam's kids:
Jarred/son-in-law (grey tank)
Jake (orange always)
Luke (black shorts)
Seth (red shorts)
Josh (yellow tank) - coach

always a highlight of the trip to get to watch them play together!
always a highlight for Jake to get to play!

 it's all fun and games until you knock your dad over...

 brother/sister love:


Erika C. said...

I love those orange shoes!

Missy said...

Buah ha ha ha ha!! That picture of Jake at the end is the BEST!

And you know me...but I gotta say something inappropriate here.... soon as I saw this picture that incredibly vulgar rap song from my high school days (1999 to be exact) came into my head....
"girl you look girl, won't you back that a** up"....don't sing anymore in your head, it's bad. :~)

sorry. but that picture was just begging for it, okay?! I mean, look at Jake! And yes I realize that that is his brother...but that just makes it even more funny!

Liz W. said...

OK!! I practically peed my pants reading Melissa's comment.....b/c that's EXACTLY where my mind went.

Holly, you got some awesome ACTION shots!! Very cool. I'm sure it was great to have them all together again.