Tuesday, January 17, 2012

days like today.

days like today I can breathe.

days like today we stay in our pj's...all day.

days like today I don't even look at or care about my to do list.

days like today we take as long as we want to finish and enjoy school.

days like today we make new CD's from our iTunes library for the car.

days like today we write letters to prisoners in China, because we love them and don't want to take today for granted. (do this with us?)

a day like today we haven't had for a very long time.
and we probably won't again for a while.
really, I need a day like this every week.
(Probably what God means by "Rest on the seventh day"....need to pray about this.  The weekend may not be our best shot at a true Sabbath.)

days like today we let our  minds wander and dream.
(which means I spend all day asking God 'why?' but I digress)

days like today I remember to pray for so many people.

days like today I kiss my kids and never raise my voice out of turn.

Christmas is over for the year, New Years has come and gone, a large family trip is now under our belt, several visits with more out of town family have graced our past two weeks and so now what we have is....

a day like today.

thank You Jesus.
my heart overfloweth.....

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