Wednesday, January 11, 2012

now for some real life.

I have a cold.
Sunday, the cold had me flat on my back almost unable to get up (except somehow I got the school room and guest room clean?? what gives?)
It's raining today.
It's a full moon week.
Because of the cold I haven't been able to exercise all week.
I gained 5lbs in Texas.

I'm lovely right now, down right hilarious....really, don't call me if you need a pick me up...just ask the girls.

I'm weird and weepy, ya know, a girl.
And there are five girls in this house right now.
Together we are a big 'ol mess.

I'm enjoying time with family soooo much.
So much.

But all that 'life stuff' is just looming and scratching.
Maybe the family could just stay forever and I won't have to ever do any of that 'stuff'?

We are attempting to restart school after our Christmas break this week.
It's going but it's like we are on a really really bad Nebraska highway - potholes and mud puddles galore I tell ya.

I'm not depressed or losing sight of my gifts....just weird today.

Like, I just want to keep typing so I don't have to get up and go be an adult, controlling my emotions and being productive and remembering Christ....

ok, I go.

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