Sunday, January 8, 2012

travlin' fools

When asked, our girls would tell you that the one night stay in the hotel before we had to get up at 4:30am to catch our flight out of Baltimore was one of their favorite parts of the trip.
They're weird.
But, I love their weirdness.
Their weirdness is what makes traveling with them so dang easy.

When I say we had no melt downs on the trip it's a big deal.
It's a one hour ride to Baltimore.
Stay overnight in hotel.
Wake up at 4:30am.
Shuttle over to airport.
Get checked in and through security.
THEN eat breakfast.
Wait an hour.
Board the plane.
Fly for 3 bumpy hours.
Meet Grandpa and Grandpa at the airport!!!
Drive an hour to Aunt and Uncle's house.
Go to lunch.
Drive another hour to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Play with cousins until 9pm.

4:30am to 9pm.
Sophie took a cat nap and that was all.

No melt downs.

excuse me while I just bask in that for a moment.....



The trip back was much the same only I was on the verge of exhaustion and meltdown and there was that little 'dead battery' issue. Which turned out to be very very little, THANK YOU LORD!
This 'ol girl doesn't handle those late nights and long days like I used to!!!

Amazing travelers, these little ones.
Just amazing.

(Sophie in daddy's lap)

(Nora upside down)

 L, S, S, N

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