Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm reading:
fiction (sort of): Fair is the Rose by Liz Curtis Higgs
(trilogy. retelling of the Jacob and Esau story. set in Scottish Highlands in 1700's....g. double O. D!)

nonfiction: Erasing Hell by Francis Chan
(not like Crazy Love or Forgotten God...at all...but still good.)

I'm listening to:
Mindy Gledhill

Chelsea Moon and Uncle Daddy

Mute Math

NeedtoBreathe (just bought tickets to see them again!!!)

I'm eating:
too much.
that's all I'm gonna say.

and I can't link this (yet?) but in this months copy of Better Homes and Gardens there is a recipe for Banana Split Upside Down Pie and I have it on good authority that the chocolate pie crust, homemade chocolate custard filling, homemade whip cream, homemade chocolate espresso gravy and bananas are an incredible combination.  And if you look for evidence of this desert in my home....you will be disappointed. My brother's family and my family demolished it last night.  So sorry....for you.

I'm exercising:
at Bikram Yoga...aka Hot Yoga....aka Stupid Yoga.
I had my MRI results follow up appointment on Nov 22.
It's a dumb and typical TriCare/Military healthcare story.
The end result was to send me BACK to physical therapy and get me to stretch more.
To which I gave them 'the bird' on the way out to my car.
I went to physical therapy for 17 weeks and 'tried to stretch' while I watched the PT's throw up their hands and say, "I have no idea".

They gave me three months.
I had a better idea.

Yoga stretches.
Hot yoga supports all your muscles while you stretch because you are basically on fire/warmed up. (105 degree room for 90 min's)
It's gross but it's addicting.
They claim that doing their Yoga your body can actually get rid of arthritis and bursitis and labral tears and tendonitis....I just happen to have all four so I'll let ya know if they are right.

I'm going 3-4 times a week.
At 8:15pm.

In three months I'm going back to see what they say.
I'll be nice.
I promise.

I'm just over a month in and I can already tell a difference.
It's not huge but it's there.

I'm dreaming about:

where God is sending us next.
things are weird right now with the Air Force.
I'm just now feeling settled here (it's taken me longer here because of the intensity of this place) and now things are weird.

don't go getting worried...the Air Force is just being weird and it's making me dream and wonder, that's all.

I'm learning:
still learning photography stuff....SO much to learn...the more I learn the more I know I don't know.

also learning the guitar as I 'teach' the girls with our DVD and Christmas guitar.
I know the C cord, G7 cord and G cord.
(and so do my five year olds....which tells you how simple they are to learn ;-).

stand amazed people.
stand amazed.

I know... you all were dying to know that information.
well, there you go.


Mache said...

Thanks for sharing that Holly, day like today will make me remember what matters the most.

Amy said...

Maybe you can teach Corey to play the guitar someday when we come visit you. :)

i'm beccy. said...

Are you learning D chord next? You will be able to play a ton of songs then!!! so excited for you!