Wednesday, January 11, 2012

my goodness.

As IF a whole week in Texas with family wasn't spoiling us enough now we are getting to spend this week with MORE family.
On our way to Texas last week we got the call that we were going to get to see my brother and his family as soon as we got home.

His beautiful wife just happens to be from this area.
Her amazing grandmother passed away just before Christmas and the Army was very generous to them.
They all got to come be here for the services and be with family for three weeks!

We are stealing as much time with them as we can.....
seriously, we are feeling overly overly spoiled.

(reminder: my brother's oldest daughter is 8 days older than Samantha and his youngest...ALSO TWINS....are three weeks younger than Nora and Sophie......I'll let that sink in for a minute....)

Lydia, Gabriella, Sophie, Hailey, Nora
 Samsam and Aunt Lindsey (see, I told you she was beautiful!)
 my 'little' big bro' and Lindsey
 Gabriella (aka Gabba) -one of the twins
 Hailey - one of the twins
 Sierra and Lydia putting on one of MANY shows we've enjoyed this week

warning: I'll be in mourning next week when we are back to our normal military life with NO family around.
anyone wanna come and visit???

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