Thursday, February 23, 2012

here goes nothin'

I lost 40lbs two years ago.

I've stayed that same weight ever since.

It's not a horrid weight, but just more than I'd like.

My hips...the pain is changing with Hot Yoga...NO more muscle fatigue,  it's just ALL in the joint now.  Still very painful but just different.
I want to loose about 30 more lbs to see if that will do something to the pain?

I gained 6lbs over Christmas and canNOT get it off.

I saw a friend who's been very diligent about Weight Watchers the other day....well, 1/2 of her anyway, the other 1/2 melted away somewhere - she looked so healthy!!!!
I was so proud of her!

I did some research and started remembering all the other people I'd known who'd done and BEEN SUCCESSFUL with Weight Watchers.

Added all those up in my head and RAN to go sign myself up.

so here goes nothin'....

I'm almost finished with Week 2.

I'm down 4 lbs so far (weigh in tomorrow so maybe even more?).

Um...that's A LOT!

The first week was kinda brutal.
I don't do a lot of 'light' cheeses (some), or 'fake' sugar or overly processed anything.
We eat mostly vegetarian.
I'm lactose intolerant and I watch my blood sugar like a hawk.

So, basically, that excludes all of the recipes on their website.

NO biggie.  Pinterest always comes through for me ;-)
The first week still happened and I lost big time.

I didn't even do a special shopping trip.
I used everything we already had.
I shop healthy, I just eat a lot of it ;-).

Oh...and the sweets.  They get me every time!

It's all about portion control for me.

I'm lovin' it.

I use my iPad to track and look stuff up.
I'd say it took a week to figure it all out....that's not bad.

I'm still tweaking but I feel like I have my days pretty figured out.
and it's good....

I'm hopeful.
(I'm more hopeful that this will take some pain away than it will take me down a size or two....but I'm not gonna complain about the size or anything!)

Everyday I think, "duh knew that, why couldn't you think to do that on your own?"
but I didn't so this is helping.

Got an email from my mom part way through my first week and she told me that she and my dad had just signed up (she didn't know I had yet!).
I have several close friends who are either doing it or have done it that I can write emails to throughout the day to say, "Um! Is this right!? 'cause I don't think I can eat like this cold turkey!!!!!" and they right back and say, "YES! it's totally doable!" and I believed them and they were so right!

You are welcome to join me! (and my mom, and my dad, and Liza, and Liz and Martha and.....)


Courtney said...

yay! most every person i've ever met that's lost weight and KEPT it off has done weight watchers. it really does work!

and i REALLY hope it helps your pain!

Liz W. said...

Your cheering squad is right behind you!!!

Charlie said...

Wow Hollie I joined WW online on Weds. I have done WW before and lost a lot of weight, but haven't kept it off. Here's hoping this time is more successful!

Here's hoping for success for all of us!