Sunday, February 26, 2012

they're baaaack!

the Brooks are BACK in our every day life baby!
welcome to DC!

mom and dad were unpacking their new pad today so we stole our best buds and took them to the park!

woo hoo for God's plan to put us back together for this small season in our lives!!
(it will be MAX five months, but hey, we'll take it!)

 Nora (pink coat)
Sophie (purple everything)

 I love that most pictures of Sydaliegh you still can't tell that she doesn't actually belong our family...the girls fits RIGHT in!

 me+Samantha playin' around with the beautiful setting sun..

spontaneous basketball camp

basketball camp must really take it outta ya!?


Team Summers said...

I want to be stationed with you! God knows it would be super good for my soul! You guys rock and even though we haven't been geographically together I have LOVED following you and laughing with you and learning from you through your blog!!! You will be a famous speaker one day... and writer, I am convinced! Just a little Holly appreciation moment this morning :)
The end.

Missy said...

The only way I could tell that that wasn't Sydaleigh Jake was holding, (5th picture from the bottom) and Samantha instead, is because of the cowboy boots! Ha ha! They looks freakishly the same!

Can't tell you how glad we are to be back by you. God is good to us.