Sunday, February 19, 2012

oh man...

Samantha paid me a compliment today.

She told me that my "...eyes looked like roast beef and my teeth looked like rusty bones!"

(I can't type her voice but really, just insert something that goes drastically up and drastically down every other few words.)

At the top of her lungs.

In her most theatrical tone of voice. 
(and she's got a GOOD one!)

IN the restaurant.

And this is normal for her.

We NEVER know what's going to pop out of her mouth.
or where she got it.
or how she's going to use it.

When she described my eyes I asked her if she knew what 'roast beef' was and guess what?

She didn't.

But, my eyes.
They are brown most of the time.
And teeth...they are very similar to bones, right?
But she doesn't know that either. does she do that!?

How does she hear me WHISPER to Nora from across the table that I thought Nora was being really quiet and respond with, 

"WELL! YOU'RE SURE HEARIN' A LOT FROM ME!" with a totally different theatrical voice ??

And I assure you, we had been hearing A LOT.

But then other times.....
we can't get a single noise or word out of her and we are shocked if she even responds with a shoulder shrug.

weirdo.  a quirky quirky weirdo.
and let me tell you something,
we enjoy EVERY SECOND of it.
we love her.
like, a lot.

by the way, she thinks this picture is 'dumb' but when she said it she was batting her eyes like I'd just told her she was a princess.

'cept she "can't stand princesses"...her words, not, scratch that.
let's say instead that she was batting her eyes like roast beef....or rusty bones.

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