Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

geez louise am I late on this one or what!?


it's ok, 'cause everything else except this happened ON TIME, just trust me!

Here is our Valentines 'Week' 2012 recap:
(pic-cha overload a comin'...)

The Tuesday Prior to Valentines (Ya, birthday!)

Party with the Co-op.
Homeschoolers at the bounce house in the middle of the day baby!

 most of the pictures were like this:
 exchanging Valentines with buddies.
(our 'boxes' are the big white bags with the water color paper hearts on them - almost as cute as the Trader Joes bag right behind them...almost)

a few days later....

The Friday prior.
We gathered with some other folk to make some of THE best homemade Valentines!
button hearts:
 celery roses:
 burlap stitched hearts:
 (what was with my kids faces this day!?)

the whole gang:

the mommies trapped me in this room during snack time, I was forced to play 20 million questions about myself for a few minutes - it was weird but just wait....
 OH! that's why I was trapped!!!
 thanks guys!!!!
 (I firmly believe in Birthday WEEKS - 'days' are for the birds!)

drum roll please,
it's FINALLY the actual day!!!!

we (uh hem...Crystal) found THE best place to deliver our homemade cards!!!
 gosh these folks are FUN!!!
 we gave out cards, served cookies, punch and helped with the trash after the snacks.
 some of 'us'....Sophie...were very very shy.
 Leia was the biggest hit...of course!

and because it was a Tuesday and we'd already done SO much, I was just planning on a normal dinner.
Which means we eat, get ready for bed, Daddy comes home, he eats and then plays with everyone for a few minutes until it's time for bed.
I hadn't decorated the table or made any fun arrangements.
There were some little girls in the house who WOULD NOT accept that as an answer.
While I cooked they went to WORK!

We had custom confetti, place mats and homemade, personalized napkins.
I wanted to add something so I lit the candles....that were already there. ;-)

 we prayed for our food and no joke, the second we said 'Amen', JAKE WALKED IN THE DOOR!!!!
An hour early, and perfect timing!

It was a special dinner after all!!!

Valentines Day 2012, you were too bad!

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Amy said...

Hopefully none of your nursing home cards said, "Good luck in the nursing home. I really hope you don't die." Thank you, sweet little first grader. And thank you, Lord, for letting me see that valentine before she gave it to someone!! :)