Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I really shouldn't be homeschooling.

The twins fav' game to play for math is to just take their calculators, type in random things and then ask me what the number is.


It really just keeps them busy.

So, this morning Sophie runs in with this #:


and I actually couldn't figure out how to say it until she'd left.

before you read any further...try it.....


I don't know, maybe it's just me!?

I started to say it several times.
Gave up.
said it was "2 hundred and 13 million, 12 and 19".

Wow Holly.

I was embarrassed for myself.

Samantha came in asking what the number was.
By this time I'd said the number out loud correctly just to remind myself I'm not 'that' dumb.

I repeated it correctly for her.
Her response?

That's a fat one."

Oh my....moving on to grammar and vocabulary now.....

1 comment:

MomB said...

Ha Ha I love it "the Fat one"
So here is my stab at it, from the homeschooling mom who spent countless hours crying over my inability to do math!
"Two HundredThirteen Million Twelve thousand Nineteen"
I'm feeling pretty good about this one :)