Monday, February 13, 2012


I go through phases of confidence and sheer terror in the parenting department.

I'm in a sheer terror phase right now.

Something about Samantha pretty much always puts me there.
This time it's a little bit Lydia and a little bit Samantha.
And not to be left out, Nora and Sophie have their own little things that are putting me there right now too.

I have four daughters.
And they are all in one huge, mushed up, clump.
What's not to be afraid of!?

So, I was journaling this morning that I'd really love some wisdom from on High right now.
Last night was a 'tear shedding' parenting moment and I needed some Wings.

My request:
I need wisdom. Clarity. Wisdom.

That was it.

And here's is what I got:

Rom 12:

Love must be sincere
Hate what is evil
Cling to what is good

Do not be overcome by evil   (Out)
But overcome evil with good  (In)

18 (going in order is so overrated!)
If it is possible, as far as it depends on you,
live at peace with everyone.

Love my kids.
Cling to good in them and for them.
Hate what is evil in our home and hearts.

Overcome the evil with good.
Do not let it overcome in our family.

Live. at. peace.

Best parenting advice ever.

Live. at. peace.

Be 'above' the bickering among them, don't let pride swell up my anger when they cut the bean bag AGAIN, it's in my grasp to Live. at. peace., and not be overcome by evil.
It's in my grasp to choose to not be overcome by evil but replace that evil with good.

(and because everyone's doin' it, here is where I quote Ann Voskamp ;-)

" can't positive think your way out of negative feelings...feelings work faster than thoughts...blood runs faster than synapses...the only way to fight a feeling is with a feeling...Feel thanks and it's absolutely impossible to feel angry...We get to choose.  Which emotion do we want to feel?"

My anger and frustration and fear with the kids is almost always a direct result of my focus on my failures and how they are manifesting themselves in my children and their failures...I say 'o crap' inside and then do my best to scream the sin out of them...failing all over again completing a horrid cycle (or starting it over again and again, or continuing it?)

But what would it look like to OVERCOME evil in the midst of my fear?
Overcome my anger and frustration with Thankfulness, with PEACE, with good.

It's a discipline to be above.
To cling to good.

Live at peace.
Overcome evil with good. (choose)
Love them by hating what is evil.

Yes, YES!
That's the wisdom I was talking about!!!!!


Courtney said...

wow. GOOD stuff. like, i need to come back when i can REALLY read it a couple times. thanks!!!

heather said...

Yes, good stuff. Right there with ya. Ahhh 8 years old is an age I'm not liking so much. We're right in the middle of 'Miss Attitude' stage....and I hear it doesn't go away for quite a few years.

Taking a deeeeeeeep breath......

Amy said...

"Screaming the sin out of them..."
Ugh. Obviously I can relate to that one.