Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Lydia and Samantha have joined a swim team.

Meets are optional.

Which means they've joined swim team PRACTICE.

I'm holding off on those 'all flippin' day' Saturday-full-of-sports days as long as I possibly can.

they love to swim.

Samantha loves to swim.
Lydia really wants to love to swim.

we're trying nose plugs next week.
she seems like a nose plug kinda girl.
hopin' that will help.

 Coach Kim.

Lydia's two favorite spots:

 Lydia's least favorite spot:

almost impossible to find Samantha doing anything but this:

even while the coach was teaching them she'd dunk under the water, come up and stay above water for no more than 10 seconds before feeling like she MUST get back under the water.
oh this girl...

Nora and Sophie?
they have to keep their head under water for more than 10 seconds before I'll let them move on with any other lessons from me.
they may never swim.

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Courtney said...

this is awesome. all of it! :-)

{happy birthday! again!}}