Monday, February 6, 2012

the weekend.

awesome. lawsome. dawsome weekend people!

the girls (ALL FOUR BABY!) went to an all day dance camp on Saturday.

that's my Lydia, front and center, in the purple!
and that's my Samantha back row, purple shirt, just to the right of Lydia, making a 'Big!Big! House' with the white sleeved girl. 

(DO NOT TELL NORA AND SOPHIE but mommy and daddy were like 3 minutes late and seeing as how their song was 3 minutes long.....oops.)


brought the girls back to the house, set them up with one of the dance camp teachers who we just happened to ALSO bring home and we headed BACK out for more 'just mommy and daddy' day.

I LOVE love LOVE my girls.
I LOVE love LOVE to spend time with them, be with them, be their mommy, teacher, coach, personal chef, nurse, maid and counselor but I'm not going to deny for one tiny second that I don't enjoy days
 like Saturday.

NOT all the time.
I missed them somethin' fierce by the time 8pm hit.
But, I love THAT feeling.

The 'missing them something fierce'.

Reminds me what I love about my life.
Refines my roles and gets me all excited about my gifts in life, all over again.

It's the breath of air I need.
It's the breath of air that I don't get all to often.

So.....we enjoyed every. single. minute.

We were totally dorky and worked on a house project, at the house, with NO kids around for the whole morning.
It's something we used to do a lot of.
We warped back in time.

And I talked.
and talked.
and talked.

At one point I stopped and said, 
"Wow. Sorry I'm talking so much but you would not believe how many complete thoughts are going through my mind right now...I can't keep up!"

Not a feeling I'm used to with four little girls at my feet each day trying their darndest to get in all 40,000+ words.

just sayin'.

Jake just smiled and kept listening.

it was a sweet day.
and I think we can ALL say that!

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