Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well, now.

I have some amazing friends.
You are not going to believe this!!!!

Liza whisked me away on Saturday night to celebrate my birthday, just me and her.

Or so I thought!

She picked me up, told me where we were going was a secret and I had to just go.
I did.
I can be good and obey the rules sometimes.
(Liza, don't get used to that ;-)

 BUT lo and behold, some of my other people were there too!!!!
so, we all just sat and ate together.


 These sneaky ladies SURPRISED me with a full blown BIRTHDAY DINNER!!!!!

and they even brought a toy for me to play with!!!!
how thoughtful of you Reasa!!!!

I am not 'easy' to surprise.
I'm perceptive and nosy.
These ladies did a great great job.
wow. wow. wow.

as if ONE surprise wasn't enough...they kept the surprises coming.

(literally, I was so distracted from the initial surprise I couldn't even get myself to focus on ordering food - so I let them do that little detail for me! geez.)

 anyway, back to the surprises.

they got me presents.
this was one of them:
(and yes, this was my face when I got to about the 5th bag)

 a BLUE baby blanket.
did they know something I didn't?

and the odd blankets kept comin'.
Fairy Tale twin sized quilts, more BLUE baby blankets, pink, brown, big, small, quilts, throws, etc....

I've thrown 'themed' parties before where everyone all brought baskets or lotions or diapers but this was weird.



the LAST card 'splained it all.

They gave my birthday away people.
Do they know me or WHAT!?

I know.
They are ridiculous.
It was awesome.

These baby blue blankets (and all the other ones) are headed to SUDAN to be wrapped around the shoulders of persecuted Christians being displaced because they simple believe Jesus is the Savior.
(Voice of the Martyr's -

Be still my heart.

Yes, I cried.
Yes, I'm still floored.

I love that organization, my friends ROCK rock rock, the night was magical.
How precious.

as if the night wasn't sweet enough we added chocolate just to round it off. 

 and thanks for the plates Shannon ;-)
she 'thinks' they were clean.
we just went with it.

Courtney, Peyton, Melissa and Jess - I LOVE YOU.
You were THERE.
You were missed but loved and felt.
Thank you.
From the Sudanese Christians, Thank YOU.

(fav' moments from the night:
-Shannon getting plates.
-Liza knowing I would dress different if she was just coming over for pizza - the original decoy - so she told me we were going out for dinner so I'd put on my big girl clothes.
-Feeling the presents of the friends missing.
-My friends really KNOWING me, I don't take this for granted in the military ONE BIT.
-the two cars going 20 miles an hour on the way there.

I'm cryin' all over again....
peace out.


Courtney said...

man...i couldn't WAIT to read/see all about it! but now i'm super sad i missed it. gosh, i love you so much! and i was celebrating you from afar!!!

Missy said...

So glad you enjoyed yourself! You've got yourself some good friends there....about to have one more in T minus twelve days! Whoo hoo!

Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you and laugh while I watched you make perplexed faces as you opened up blankets! LOVE your face in that picture of you holding up a blanket! Ha ha! You're like, "for real...another one? Uh, thanks, I guess." ha ha ha!! Love it. And love that they surprised you with the intent behind them. So cool. :~)

Stacy said...

I'm so sad we aren't close. And I am so envious of the friends who are close. And I am so thankful that they pulled off a surprise and spoiled you and loved on you and know your heart. Happy Birthday dear friend!

Amy said...

You are so loved. :)

Peyton said...

Dang it I wrote a nice long comment and it didn't post. I was so sad to miss it, I loved knowing it was happening and how much you would love it! You are one of the only people I know that I know would really rather Have their entire bday given away. I love that about you and I love you! Glad you had such a nice time and were surprised! Liza is awesome!!

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