Monday, March 26, 2012

all things physical and vain...sorta.

quick long physical update:

1.  my hips/pelvic pain.
(let's be real, it's my buttocks, the tendons that attach to the bottom of my pelvic bone, they pull, they cause sharp horrid my bottom)

The pain is still there.  It is changing...which should make me hopeful, but I'm just annoyed.
Discouraged, annoyed, mad, done.
That's what I am.

Waiting to get a referral to go off base and see a female.

I'd like to try a cortisone shot.  Not lots, not all the time, just one.  I have my reasons, I won't bog this update down with them, but they're good, real good ;-).

2.  I talked to someone about the hormonal influences on my joints, my pain is excruciating when I know there are 'things' going on.  That is about as under control as it can be so that is good.  One box checked.

3.  I am still doing Bikram Yoga about 4 times a week.
It's still hot ;-).
Except for how much time it takes, I am still loving it.  Because it does feel like it helps my hips, I keep going.
I'm also using a lot of those little workouts on Pinterest.  Love those things.

4.  My weight.
Weight Watchers is totally working.
I am loving loving loving it.

I'm down exactly 10 lbs as of my last weigh in.   I still have 25 more to go for what I think is my end goal.  But 10 lbs feels sooo good!

I am convinced that losing more weight can only be good for my joints.
It's my main motivation.
My pain is almost constant so it's a nice constant reminder ;-).

I am only doing the on-line version of WW.
I use my IPad to track everything.

I eat the exact same thing for breakfast every morning (1 pc of toast, 1 egg and 1 cup of coffee) - it's the exact thing I've eaten every single morning for yeaaaars.

I keep secret weapons (foods) on hand at all times:

Whole wheat tortillas (I'm a sandwich girl, love my sandwiches so this is my new sandwich bread.) - 3pts each

lots of Laughing Cow Cheese (you name the flavor, I've got them on hand at all times.  I dip slices of cucumber in them if I need a 'cheese and cracker' sort of snack and I spread them on my tortillas in place of mayo and cheese for my sandwich moments) - 1 pt each

Spinach Shakes (I eat one for lunch almost every day) - 4-7 pts each
(1 c. almond milk
1/3 c. plain yogurt
1 tbs truvia
1 banana
2 cups frozen fruit
lots o' spinach
if I know I'm not going to be able to eat for a long time after, I add 1 tbs almond butter, peanut butter or nutella, but not often)

Tzatziki Sauce (this link is kinda like the one I make) - 1pt for 1/3 c.
it goes on everything and anything, great dip for...anything and everything.
On Quinoa Patties (our families new addiction), Flaffel, veggies, wraps, pita, chips, crackers, etc...

Pesto Caesar Salad Dressing - 1 pt for 1 tbs
on my sandwiches/wrap things, on salads, dipped in, through an's my new addiction, for sure!

For my sugar/CHOCOLATE moments, I keep stuff like:

Banana Oatmeal Cups with Chocolate Chips - 2 pts per
(I do add truvia to these, just not sweet enough with out it for me!)

DOVE Dark Chocolates - 1 pt per piece
(I never chew, always just let it sit in my mouth for as long as I can keep it there - lasts forever, which helps me feel like I just had a HUGE piece of Chocolate something - LOVE that!)

We LOVE to eat out, I have not cut back on that - Jake and I would probably say that restaurant hunting is one of our hobbies so I don't want to cut that out - I just try and only eat 1/2 of whatever is brought to me.

I don't use the 'extra' points anymore (I did for the first two weeks).
Instead, I just don't worry too much about when we eat out (except portions and sweets) and consider all those my 'extra' points but I'm too lazy to try and always figure them out.

10 lbs and counting.

Here's to hoping this DOES help my joints heal.

Either way, can't be a bad thing!
Got nothin' to loose!

(well, 'cept 25 lbs...hardy har har!)

need to run.
George Washington studies await!


Courtney said...

wow! great update! thanks! YAY for 10 lbs!!! that's AWESOME!

Erika C. said...

Started WW online today... committing to 3 months... because they had a sign-up deal! :) Thanks for all your favorites - they will most likely come in handy. Much love!

Amy said...

Way to go! :)

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