Sunday, March 25, 2012

dance outreach

three of the girls.
Samantha is a middle child.
so, it's just three of the girls.
that's ok ;-).

Nora in pink.
Sophie in blue.

their dance had to do with sleeping - thus the pj tops.

 I love how they teach them to pray.
hands open up to Jesus, ready to get whatever it is He's givin'!

 the 'other' kid:
 she's the blonde:

 actually, she's the cute one ;-)
 oh look, more cute ones...
 there goes another one!
 the Panter 'ladies'
they all did beautiful. as usual.


Missy said...

LOVE Lydia in that last dancing pic. So engaged. Beautiful to see them all dancing for Jesus! And I totally dig how Samantha is cool just being herself. She's like Jake. I can see her NOT wanting to do something, just because everyone else is! :~) She rocks individuality.

Amy said...

Sophie looks so much like Samantha in the picture where they are praying!!

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