Tuesday, April 24, 2012

just a walk...or not.

we, miraculously, had nothing on the calendar today.
so, we went on a scavenger hunt in the woods.

it started out so innocently - hunting, searching, gathering, crossing off a list!
and we stayed that way for about 10 min's...
...but someone had to go off the trail, 
she just couldn't contain herself to a trail any longer:

 ...there was a creek, I'm pretty sure that girl heard it call her name audibly.
she LOVES a rush.
should we be scared?

getting her shoes wet was a no brainer.
didn't bother her at all (Samantha).
but, and I quote, "Oh No! I'm so concerned about my jeggings!"

 it's all innocent until someone feels the need to BE IN the water.

 it was down hill from there.
 "Mommy? Can we get in?"
Mommy says, "Your choice, but....'blah blah blah blah blah'" 
(not what I said, definitely what they heard)

Sophie even found a treasure!
I don't know what's going on here - let's not ask, k?
or here actually:
for sure not here!
 oh my...
 and....well Nora, if you're going to go to the trouble to pull your leggings up??

AND and and and...I heard NOT ONE complaint on the 20 min walk back to the car.
not one!!!
(Sophie even carried her 'brick' she found in the water to the car with her ;-)
I'm still in shock.
I'll recover soon enough.
Someone will whine in about 15 seconds or Lydia will ask me what I'm doing...again...and I'll snap out of it

Ah...I love 'nothing' days.


Bekah Boo said...

These are my favorite type of days...
smiling over here :)

picture this said...

Looove it Holly, Your girls are so adorable. Sometimes it's the completely unplanned things that turn into life's unexpected little joys!

Team Summers said...

That's one of the big reasons why we're homeschooling next year :) Great pictures!!! And I especially love the "yes but blah blah blah..." part :)

KB said...

oh my, what a good mother you are! I would have said no. Mean mother that I am, my type A personality and that water would have given me hives...I really need to just let go! Thanks for the reminder.