Monday, April 23, 2012


in concert this past weekend....AGAIN!
woo hoo!!!

this time, Jake and I brought a posse.
and went to dinner at a fun restaurant.
and stood in line, outside, wrapped around the building for a few hours 
(not planned! it's DC. when we got to the club there were about 3? cop cars outside. apparently someone was getting arrested. kinda pushed back the time of the show a little lot)
it was raining.
and between the five of us, there were two umbrellas.
it's ok.
we had a few random pieces of paper in our purses and a pen.
we (the girls ;-) played MASH.
no joke.
1. I was a movie star, married to Jake, driving a Jeep, had four kids and owned a pet Albatross.
don't be jealous.
2. Lindsey was an astronaut, married to Sam, no kids, drives a limousine, and has a pet prairie dog.
3. Melissa (help me out, I can't remember it all!?) figure skater?, car?, married to Brant, has three kids, pet gazelle?.

we played ONE round of I Spy. Lindsey won.

this guy just comes strolling down the line as if he's looking for a good spot out of the rain:

uhhhhh....I think I know that boy!
(in case you're new to NEEDTOBREATHE...there are four members in the band.
that guy up there is one of the four.)

Jake and I had seen them in concert before, plus we're nerds and have watched a lot of the bands videos so we knew exactly who he was, the other three people in our group hadn't quit hit 'needtobreathe nerd status' and just thought he was some guy.....

I saw him walking up and said,
"Well Hey!" 
(apparently I said it in a way that made our posse think this was just another one of Holly's random people she knew - I had other friends in line that I had been keeping an eye out for so I'm pretty sure they thought it was just one of those people)

Too funny!
Seth (that's my friend's name....oh...we're friends now by the way ;-) hadn't been talking to anyone else, literally, he was just walkin' along but when I said "Well Hey!" he came over to our group and hung out!!!
(slight exaggeration...he stood with us for about 3 min's....but in my book, it's going to go down as 'hang out' ok?)

I am not a 'can I get a picture with you' kinda girl.
I don't know, I'm just not.
Melissa is and I'm pretty sure (once she figured out who 'Seth' was) she was ticked I didn't ask.
I will ask next time Seth comes to hang out with us, just for you Melissa.
I promise ;-).

I was ticked that I acted like a moron and didn't introduce ourselves.
Instead after he told us he appreciated us standing out in the rain to see them I told him, 
'Oh! It's no big deal, we're havin' a great time!  We played MASH, we played I Spy!' 

(yes, yes, I did. I told the bass player that a group of adult women played MASH in line. WHAT!? Like you would have had something better to say!?)

We have a new friend.
His name is Seth and he's totally cool.

only one more hour in line and one more hour standing/waiting inside until we got to see the concert.
The opening act Ben Rector....NOT TOO SHABBY!
We all totally loved him and Jake and I are on a mission to find him in concert again.
Great entertainer and totally talented!

awesome night of memories...rain, standing in line and all!

 I mentioned the rain but did I mention the wind???
We deduced that H&M is not known for their quality.
Colors, Yes.
Quality, No.
Maybe next time my umbrella should be purchased elsewhere?

Lindsey might have been checkin' out the guys trying to 'climb' the brick wall right by us?
a little weird.
again, it's DC...just go with it!

no pics were allowed inside but it was awesome!
if I had to choose a posse to bring with me next time, I'd choose you guys!!!!
SUPER fun night!

 sure way to embarrass Jake: stick your gum on a wall.
hey, everyone was doin' it and it wasn't a bridge!
(I'm tellin' ya, we were in line outside in the rain for a very long time...I was getting desperate for entertainment! Plus if DC ends up with a gum wall like the one in Seattle, I wanted my spit to be up there!)

(oh...and I did eventually find my other 'real' friends!!! Do you have that picture Jen??)


Erika C. said...

So jealous! Nathan and I love them!

Erika C. said...

PS - I'm still laughing at the the ... 'Oh! It's no big deal, we're havin' a great time! We played MASH, we played I Spy!' HAHA

Missy said...

Cool shmool. Next time ask for a picture!! And I'm totally getting Ben Rector's album. He was AWESOME! Guy knows how to work a crowd!