Thursday, April 19, 2012

stealing time...

pretty much every cool thing we've done in this city for the last year and a half has been with the 
Cooks and the Misners.

and now that stupid military is stealing our time away from them both.

they are headed out,
because that's how we roll in the military.
Cooks this weekend and the Misners in a few months.

we've been stealing the Cook kids for the last two days and savoring every last moment with them.

I am not a 'baby' person.
but there are some that just do me in.
this one is one of them:

Leia, you have stolen my heart.
You precious precious thing you!
ugh.'s been grand!
God Bless you friends.
Looking forward to eternity with your precious selves.

not. gonna. cry.
not. gonna.



Anonymous said...

Very beautiful

Courtney said...

oh, holly! i'm sorry!!!

Missy said...

Sorry friend! I know how much her friendship has meant to you since you've moved here.

This part never gets easier. But, that being said, eternity is gonna be one heck of a party with all your people!!!