Monday, May 21, 2012

Let the Mulan craziness begin.

All weekend:
Shopping for make up and practicing on my very willing subjects.


Sunday night:
I was at the church helping set up the stage from 9pm 'til Midnight.
(that is dedication baby!)

Not quite....which is why we practice!

Lydia at rehearsal for 5 hours.
Mommy in a make up meeting for 3 of that.
Little girls....havin' the most fun just getting to watch it all happen! (and they aren't complain' too much about all this make up!)

cute little dragon masks?
hm....almost, but no.

Home to email out information,
Order 200 people worth of pizza for an after party,
Make dinner, do laundry, kiss the kids, make crazy food plan for the next two weeks....'cause they'll look exactly like today and I'm not sure when we're gonna eat unless there is an elaborate plan.

And as if FIVE HOURS wasn't enough for Lydia, she came home and has been practicing her part, minus a 10 min break for dinner, for two more hours.

I think she likes it.
Wonder what she'll say after two weeks of this?
I'm so curious!

liking this shape better?
colors not as much?
getting there....

Today...all weekend really, I have been keeping myself in check.
I think I have reminded myself about 1,000 times that, "It's just make up".
Because it is.
I refuse to get to the end of my life, stand before Jesus and say, "But I was stressed out about the red wax crayon!"

I love theatre.
I love the arts in general.
I always leave saying how much I love that sense of GRANDEUR it gives.
That feeling of BIG.
It seems like it's one tiny glimpse of the grandeur we'll get to experience in Heaven every. single. day.

I get that sense about other things.
Fireworks, space shuttles, breath taking scenery, the beach.

I love the glimpses.
The fact that you and I are a part of something bigger.
That God is beautiful.
That He created beautiful, that beauty heals and that beautiful needs to spread.....

My brain is mush right now, I should not be articulating. where DID I put that red wax crayon!?


Missy said...

Looking good! I do like the second mushu with the design onto the lower cheeks. Lydia looks so mature with the eye make-up on! Ah! That girl sitting in front of us at church is not so far off!

Liz W. said...

whoa!! your old woman is freaky good!!! and I had to look 2x to figure out it was Samantha in the "asian" makeup.
So cool that it's a BIG project that everyone enjoys at the same time!!

Cooking with Phlip said...

Elderly?? You painted the Grandpa Flip face on her and called it elderly!!!!

Where is my little Lydia???

What's going on here........