Monday, May 21, 2012


odd Holly fact:
I can't keep house plants alive.

I think I've even killed Ivy before.

I kill everything green.
One year I grew an amazing tomato didn't produce ONE tomato.
Another year I attempted grew straight up in the air and the leaves were bitter, little and...just weird.
Those fern looking house plants that are impossible to kill?
Thank you very much.
No one says 'impossible to kill' to me!

there is ONE exception to this 'kill all things green' rule.

and here they are:
 now roses.
Roses I can do.

What's with that?
Actually....I think I know what it is.

Those other house plants don't need enough of me.
They don't make me feel wanted or needed or necessary enough.
Super needy.
They make me feel loved.
(can you take a WILD guess at my 'Love Language'? ;-)


Daphne said...

You waited too long on your lettuce. They don't get as big and bushy as the ones in the store. You have to eat them when they are small or they will always bolt. The good news about lettuce that bolts is that then it flowers and puts out seeds that grows into new lettuce later if it is outside. I had stuff this spring that was from the bolted ones last summer.

i'm beccy. said...

Do you know what kind of rose? BE-Utiful!!!!!!!!