Saturday, May 19, 2012

where we have been....

Lydia auditioned for and got a part in Disney's Mulan Jr with NVPlayers a few months back.

Took us a little by surprise.
I wanted her to just have the auditioning experience and that was ALL...
we weren't expecting an actual call back!

She has blossomed.
She has worked so hard.
I haven't articulated what this has done for her but it's been cool to watch and when it's over I'll do some of that articulating stuff.

The show starts in just ONE short week and goes for two weekends.

A reporter was at yesterday's rehearsal so I snuck in an snapped a few of that process:

It is an all homeschool cast, all volunteer driven (meaning: all parents do all the work needed!)

The picture below is of just the military kids, the article was on homeschooling and military and Mulan.
good combo, no? ;-)

These two precious precious ladies are the directors.
love love love.

They do NOT play around.
They are serious about perfection but you can feel the love for the kids just oozing from their pores.
The kids love them, the parents love them.
So so great.
Keep that bar raised ladies!

These next two weeks we will be eating, sleeping, dreaming, playing, drinking, walking, talking...Mulan but we couldn't be more happy about it.
Even the little girls have enjoyed this process!

In addition to Lydia having a part 
(she is a Mini-Mushu...a Mini dragon...a special part written in just for the 10 little girls who auditioned!) 
I have gotten to live vicariously through the process by helping to paint back drops, plan the cast party and this week I will be elbow deep in stage makeup - making over dragons, making teenagers look elderly and turnin' white girls into Asian girls.

Wanna come see it?
you can click on that link up top and buy the tickets online...we'd LOVE to see you!


Courtney said...

so so exciting! for ALL of you! the next 2 weeks of our life are beyond insane...i'm so sad we can't come see it!

Liz W. said...

hmmm, I'm thinking this is worth a road trip. I"ll let you know.My girls will be super excited to know an "actress"!

Becky said...

I can not tell you how fun it is to hear about Lydia's talents. It is my favorite part of this age each child is starting to show the things that get their hearts and minds moving!!! Wish we could be there Summer would be 1st in line!!!