Friday, June 29, 2012


out. of. my. element!!!!

Headed downtown DC last night to show up and support CASA youth at a fundraiser put on by a DC Fashion blogger.
Courtney met me there and we deamed ourselves "Liza's Posse"

I felt really really really old.
and frumpy.

Until one girl walked up and told me,
"Nice dress! Very Marc Jacobs!"
(who the crap is Marc Jacobs??? I'm just going to pretend like I know and pretend like he's super crazy fashionable and expensive, k?
she might have had a small heart attack when I told her it was actually not Marc Jacobs but 1950's vintage thrift store...thank you very much.)

It's ok.  I was cool with my frumpiness because I was there to represent.
Jesus. Liza. Foster kids.
Represent! (say it with 'tude)

 how cool was this for a venue??
(see the fun CASA sign over on the left?)

complete with a fashion show...

you see this girl below?
I totally bought a dress she wore in the show (no, not this one!) and I canNOT express to you how fun that was for me.
I have lost enough weight to buy clothes at a posh fashion show in DC atteneded by and targeted at young 20-something professionals.
yee haw! 
(still have 20ish lbs to go, but this was a fun milestone and I want to remember it!)

 the dress was fun, the fashion was exciting but the blessing that these ladies are in my life....

no words, I wouldn't do it justice.

precious night!
(oh so out of our element, but precious still!)

love you ladies.

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Courtney said...

loved it! (and loved your post about it!!!)