Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th - the night

the Potomac on Bolling AFB this year.

that's Reagan International Airport across the way

Yes, it was pretty and timely but really, it just gave us a break from being outside in 100 degree weather all day long!
Prettier than the fireworks themselves!
That's my God!

 lots o' little girls, as usual.

 strange little Samsam, as usual.

 we just found two random little boys and threw them in the picture.
 I'm only sorta joking.
We were on a military base and this is how we roll in the military:
set up your spot.
BUT leave room in case a family walks by that you were stationed with 4 years ago and although you barely knew them/haven't seen them/talked to them in that time you still have room to include them in your party.
have a party.
have a blast.

glow personal fav':

 that would be the National Monument behind all my beauties heads!
(Nora by daddy)

 our territory/crew!
great spot!!!!!

 hey, a breeze came through, I was WET from SO MUCH SWEAT - you would have too, trust me:

helicopter, fireworks, Potomac, National Monument, friends!
that's a wrap 4th of 2012 in DC!

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Missy said...

I had so much fun with y'all! Great space. Great company. Great view (that cloud pic is great!). Loved it all!