Monday, June 18, 2012

honor your father...

a commandment that Jake makes so easy for the girls to do....


 (sophie...with the matching book ends the twins got him ;-)

 The girls all filled out questionnaires about 'My Daddy' during the week last week.

I made them do it with me alone so no sister would have influence over another sister's answers.


SO SO SO many of the answers were the exact same (wrong, but the same ;-)

how much he weighed, how tall he was, his favorite drink, their favorite thing to do with him, what he does when he goes to work, etc......we were all in hysterics.
10 seconds after they were read aloud, Jake requested that be done every year.....score one for mom!

we loaded him up with loot from one of our fav' fair trade stores, went to church, ate at a BBQ place for lunch and then came home to do nothing.
his favorite weekend activity...

He is a gifts guy - he loved his gifts.
He is a Texan - he loved the BBQ!
He is a Jesus guy - he loves church.
He is a daddy - he LOVES loves loves his girls and just 'doing nothing' with them.

(doing nothing meant giving mommy a 2.5 hr nap - Happy Father's Day to me - and listening to music with his daughters on the computer!)

his words, not mine:
That was an awesome father's day.

Appropriate, because he's an awesome father!

Rounded the day of celebrating amazing fathers out by video calling the grandpa's.
We are blessed.
With amazing examples...

future pressure...but the bar has been set and you'd better start practicing your jumps.

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