Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vern & Sylvia.

late late late on Thursday night (it was technically just turning Friday morning)

I hugged one stranger and one old friend that Jake brought home from the airport.
They'd flown all the way from Iowa.

and after an entire weekend of nothing but pure bonding, we hugged two old friends good bye on Sunday evening:

Vern, the guy in the middle there, was a part of our small group and more importantly, a huge part of our life in Omaha.
We knew him single.

Under a year ago, he married a precious person named Sylvia.
She says that our friendship was sealed the moment she walked in my house and was met with my hugs
(lucky for her, I'd just showered, otherwise, this story may not have gone down the same way!?)

Melissa gives good hugs too!

Vern, Sylvia, the beautiful Brooks Clan and the Panter Clan spent a mean three days reconnecting, connecting, laughing, crying and falling in love!

The kids fell right back in step with Mr. Vern.
He has always been so precious to both our families.

And from now on, Sylvia will be indispensable to both our families.
(once again, NICE job Vern....well played!)

On Saturday night some other friends of Sylvia, who happen to live near by (it's DC, everyone has someone who lives near by!) and several of our other friends came to hang out, eat and just BE with each other.

the view inside:

the view outside:
it's June  =  lightening bugs = busy busy little girls
(how is it that we had 17 adults here, 13 kids and NO little boys!?)

 um...this little baby is as squishable as she looks, I might have hogged her!

 Vern was almost fired from killing the spider.
Seriously, if I were him, I'd have been embarrassed.

 you know those pictures people take and you're not ready but you look at them and they actually make you smile more than the 'real' ones?

'til next time friends...and there will be a next time!

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Missy said...

Whew! We had a busy weekend! We sure know how to stuff a whole lotta livin' into two days! And Vern totally shoulda been embarrassed about that spider...that took entirely way too long to kill. :~) So many good memories this weekend.