Monday, June 4, 2012

weekend #2 of Mulan

Weekend #2 did not disappoint in the way of craziness.
It had some competition with Weekend #1, it had a reputation to uphold ya know!

And now that I look back, it was like a sick joke.
There was an eerie calm in the air, like the eye of a tornado...

this picture below is of 'the Ancestors' digging through all my thrift store, garage sale, boutique and Great Grandmother's jewelry to go with their costumes.
LOVE getting to use that stuff for things like this...
(now if I could just track it all back down)
 The absolute cutest little Mini Mushu E.VER.
 CAST 2 Dress Rehearsal Pictures:

Opening night of closing weekend.
This was us praying before the show....
about 30 minutes after we'd come up from the basement because our county was under a Tornado Watch/Warning/Something 
(something that we didn't need 64 + kids next to large glass windows on a second story floor for)

 The cast was already a little wary because of last weekend's puking fest....evacuating to the basement wasn't exactly a great cure for all of that.

But....15 minutes later, we all headed back upstairs to get ready because, 
"The Show Must Go On!"

Somehow we had an almost sold out show that night!

Lydia with the female stars of Cast 2...who just happened to be two of our absolute favorite and most used babysitters...
We love you Elizabeth (Mushu) and Jenny (Mulan).
You were AHmazing!!!!

Saturday Night, Closing Night, the Night I was supposed to watch, the night that 20 of our friends came to see the show:
Not pictured.
I was puking by 1pm (because I drank a ton of water trying to make myself puke and just get it over with hoping that if I just threw up I'd feel better and be able to go at least help with make up and then crawl back in bed - remember, exposure didn't matter with the cast, we'd all been exposed already)
The water did the trick.
I got the puke out of my system and I did feel better.
For like 30 min's.
I got up to take a shower at around 4pm and that just about killed me.

I started making calls to let people know I was 'out'.
In between my tears.
I was devastated.

Jake went ahead, played super dad, got everyone where they needed to be...Lydia, the little girls, the friends...everyone.  
The other mom's filled all my gaps.
I got a phone message from one of the producers saying, 
"I got your message and this had better be a big fat joke!"

I wish Kay...I totally wish.

Just like the girls, I woke up at about 80% the next morning.
and 80% I can work with.
Which was nice seeing as how I was heading up the planning/putting on of the Cast Party that 139 people were coming to that afternoon....

 The CAST PARTY had no competition issues.
The weather was great.
There was no vomit.
Shoot...out of 139 people we only had 1 spill.

 Nice job Amy!!!!
it was PERFECT and beautiful and yummy!!!!
 Cheryl, Kimberly and were the best Cast Party Crew to work with!
Ginger...good call on the 450 photos ;-).

And, in keeping with tradition.... 

(my first year but this 'mom song' is done every year at the cast party...hilarious!
Someone rewrites the words to one of plays main songs and we sing it 'for the directors'
Yes, that's me with the 'Emperor's' hat ;-)
Sums up the past two weekends SO WELL!)

p.s. Jake totally rocks for helping to write out our cue cards and holding our cue cards!


this morning feels kinda weird.
now on to catching up on the rest of our lives...


Courtney said...

ok. so my life has been beyond insane the last 2 weeks. i haven't even gotten to comment. but i HAVE been reading. and in disbelief at all the puke. and praying. and PROUD of you and lydia (actually all your girls...becuase i know they are ALL doing amazign things to allow this to happen!) i've been with you in spirit. seriously. and i love you. and hope you are DONE with puke for awhile! wow...what a crazy ordeal!

Amy said...

Oh, Holly! I'm so sorry you came down with the yuck and missed the last performance. What a bummer for you! What memories you made, though! Holy cow! :)

Love Lydia's face in that last little group picture!

And how cute were you in the video! :)

Missy said...

SO glad you were feeling well enough to go to the cast party. Geesh, I know how hard you've been working to put that together...and you all deserved to celebrate after what everyone went through!

And nice head dress in the video. Which I watched. And laughed my whole way through. :~) Only a mom as cool as you could pull off that big ole thing!