Tuesday, July 24, 2012

focusing on just today

in the last 18 days there has been:

1 amazing girls night out in Virginia (a theatre show and fancy dinner complete with cocktail dresses!)
1 amazing girls night out in Ohio (we took two pregnant women to a line dancing bar club until 1am)
4 Children's Museums in 3 states and
the Creation Museum in yet another state.
1 hotel
1 bed and breakfast
2 trips to see out of town friends
Batman Premier at the midnight showing....that is a flippin' 3 hr movie, btw.
10 of the days were me flyin' solo while Jake took a work trip to England for an air show
2 nights/mornings where we didn't go to bed until 3am
1 night/morning where we went to bed at 2am
1 rescheduled birthday party for some special little girls of mine because after the list above, I just couldn't pull it off - not even a bad one!

not a lot of sleep but a TON of memories...a ton.

today though...today I'm going to just focus on today.
tomorrow too.

because I have a little girl who's been waiting for tomorrow for 364 days...

my heart already hurts.
she was helping me make her requested cheesecake for the celebration tomorrow and I looked over to see this:

 how in THE WORLD does she look that grown up!?

ouch ouch ouch.
and then focus.


Erika C. said...


Love you Panter Fam! Still smiling and catching up on sleep! :) I will mail you a disc of picture love sometime soon! - E

Stacy said...

I'm there. They turn 9 in 2 months and I'm not ready. The last 6 months have been so mind-blowing in so many "I want them to stay little" ways. But they are beautiful...all of our many little girls.

Courtney said...

man. how do you DO all that?!?

LOVED her birthday post! trying to figure out a bday gift for rebekah...that flip video is a great idea! hmm...

kellydlinder said...

All I have to say is, I love you all. xoxo