Friday, July 13, 2012

not thinking

We are technically 'doing school' through the summer....'cept we haven't done 'school' in about four weeks.

I'm supposed to be doing Weight Watchers, 'cept I haven't tracked in two weeks (I did start again today though and was at my same weight as when I left off - good news to me!)

Jake and I planned a lot of fun stuff this summer....'cept I am now looking at it thinking, "What were we thinking!?" (it will all be, and has been, worth it, it's just crazy!)

My hip was doing SO MUCH better!!!!....'cept these last two weeks.

HOW ON EARTH DID I LAND SUCH AN AMAZING HUSBAND!? (and not just these last two weeks/four weeks/any weeks, just IN GENERAL)....been thinkin' about that one a lot - conversations in yoga locker rooms about people's marriages will do that to you.

I'm behind on photo editing....a lot.

My 'books to read' pile is embarrassing....and it has a very loud voice, yells at me every day!

I did make time for important things like, MUSIC CD's for our upcoming road trip though.
About as responsible as a 14 yr old.

Just what this house needs.

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Missy said...

Um, that new music for your road trip was mega important. Don't let the 30 year old inside tell you differently!