Wednesday, July 11, 2012

quick trip...again.

took yet another 'quick' trip to the Yorktown/Norfolk/Portsmouth area to hang with some friends!
I can't stand it that these friends are so close and yet so far away.
It's a 3 hr drive and it's ALWAYS worth it!

Too rainy for the beach this time so we hit the local sites instead:
where the guy is making the waffel cones right there on the curb!
and a place that Guy Fieri featured on Diners, Drive In and Dives!
total blast!
you must go!

awesome children's museums, thrift stores (like, the BOMB thrift store!), losing three year olds and having strangers across the street/in a drive through tell you where she went, being gripped out by 'children's museum' workers, traffic violations (not me, this time!),
(so what, we took four kids to a music hall/bar was 6pm and perfect for us ;-), we got our own corner of the restaurant and they didn't care how loud we were! this place was hilarious by the way, totally recommend if in the area.),
pickled beats and goat cheese!

couldn't have planned it better if we'd have planned it!
love you girl!


Missy said...

Ah! Looks like a great time, sorry that I had to miss it this go around!

The Jewish Mother looks awesome!

Glad you had fun!

Liz W. said...

another great visit! new discoveries made. Never enough time.