Friday, September 14, 2012


don't ask why, there isn't a why.
I was just curious. (is that a 'why'?)


I started doing Bikram Yoga on Nov 23.
(and yes, I totally look just like that dude in all my poses! HA! not even close.
I kinda look like a beached whale trying to look like that dude, but it feels so good I don't care!)

I thought I might be nearing my 100th class.

apparently I already hit it.
on Aug 20.

talk about anti-climactic!

I still love it.
I still go at 8pm 3-5 times a week.

I still believe it is causing healing in my hip area.
I'm not totally healed but I'm thinking I may never be?
I might just need to 'manage' like this forever.

still catches and makes me yelp out with pain uncontrollably
(super embarrassing, especially when 'other' words creep out involuntarily with the yelp, yes it hurts that bad!)
Doesn't hurt to sit as much but still kinda.
I pretty much hate talking about it.
But Bikram?
I like to talk about that!

here I come 200!

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i'm beccy. said...

I started yoga this month. It doesn't look seem so hard as the pretzel positions you linked to, though! :o). So glad you found something that is helping!!!