Friday, September 14, 2012

latest tips and tricks

1. Mosquitoes hate that yellowy Listerine.
like, it works SOOOOOO good.
we've been putting it straight into a squirt bottle and sprayin' everything.
picnic tables, selves, porches, etc...

finding that we need to reapply every 30min's to an hour depending upon sweat but seriously, this has been the cheapest, easiest and most effect mosquito repellent I've found!
(it's the eucalyptus essential oil in the mix that does it!)

2.  Lazy Cookies.
I don't actually enjoy making cookies.
That whole putting batches in/taking them out/putting them in/taking them out...DRIVES ME CRAZY!
But those bad boys?
Disobey all the 'no processed food' rules and we love them.

(although I don't want to leave out these bad boys I made for a mom's night out the other night, way more involved but way worth it! it was only two batches worth so it was ok.)

3.  Speaking of cookies, I have a new kitchen essential I can NOT live with out.
12ish inches by 17ish inches Aluminum Baking Sheets (the link is for an Amazon product, I got mine at one of those weird kitchen stores that they always put in outlets...they were about $10 less where I got mine)

I have two. I'm in love.
Cookies, you can put 6-8 more per load on a pan
Potatoes, veggies...I use them for all that stuff and they cook so even!

Big family = need for bigger cookie sheets.

(In case you don't know this, I LOVE to cook, I HATE gadgets, I'm a minimalist in the kitchen.
So, me pointing this out means that I really really really love them!)

4.  Tension Rods put vertically in my kitchen cabinets to hold all my cookie sheets, cutting boards and cooling racks up right? LOVE you.

5.  The book: Anything by Jennie Allen.
Loved it. You will too.

I need to be done procrastinating.

I have a trip to pack for and a lawn to mow!
Here we go!


Erika C. said...

First, I'm totally making those cookies bc I'm pretty certain I have everything I need for them! Score!

Second, you will be proud to know that this non-reading-lover totally has that book in my shopping cart and when I finish 1000 Gifts it's getting ordered for my next book! Hearing/seeing that you love it, makes it that much true that it will actually get finished! :)

Stacey Plaisance said...

Thanks for mentioning my Lazy Cake Cookies!

The Lazy Mom wuz here.

Courtney said...

where are you going?!?

loved anything.

Missy said...

I will have to try the yellow Listerine for the mosquitos. I just got some Repel Eucalyptus Natural spray, but haven't really noticed a different with it. It's okay. You just can't use that stuff on the face and these suckers won't hesitate to bite you on your eyelid. For reals.

And good idea with the tension rods. I think I will pick some up because we have some shelves I could use that in!