Wednesday, September 12, 2012

puppy CHOW!

am I messing these kids up?
I have pretty much, all but, made it a rule in our house that birthday parties are about everything EXCEPT getting presents.

(I will spare you with the reasons because I hate the whole idea so it will make me mad to list them all out!)

I may be stealing something from my kids childhood's but I'm willing to take that risk.
Their childhood's are pretty dang rich in every other way.

They do get presents, but only from family (and the occasional friend who just wishes to bless them with one).

Who knows?
I'll keep you posted as they enter therapy when they're older and blame the fact that I stole their birthday present extravaganza every year.

Until then, this is how it went down for this year.

We sent out the invites, they sorta looked like this (minus the big black scribbles!):

but, we added some NOTES:

Lydia had people bring Teddy Bears to be distributed at a nursing home closer to Christmas, fun story about that soon!

Samantha is infatuated, obsessed and consumed with DOGS.
So, naturally, she had people bring bags of DOG food for the animal shelter.

And this is the part that sets my heart at ease that maybe they won't care they didn't get all those presents because they got to do stuff like this instead:


 (10 dogs were available to view, 7 were pit

our animal shelter made the process SO easy to donate! THANK YOU Fairfax County!

I know buddy, trust me, we would if we could.
(YOU and the amazing Siamese Cat who was just as in love with me as I was with him.
I'm still dreaming about ways I could go back and sneak Prince home. How funny would it be if we owned a male cat named Prince? Ugh.)

Made Samantha's year.
She was all grins, giggles and skips.

God bless you little girl for 'taking care of the beasts of the earth' in the only way you know how.
Maybe one day we can take care of them even further!


Erika C. said...

Love this! I may have just decided this is how we'll roll for Cargle Bdays too!

Amber Trejo said...

I love that your girls do this. The looks on their faces say it all, too. I've been struggling with this lately - this being surrounded by so much "stuff". I've spent the better part of two weeks decluttering my apartment and have been feeling simultaneously blessed and burdened. I have so much more than I need. While I am so thankful for it, it also makes me consider how much time, money and thought have been put into things that have just been sitting in a closet or cabinet untouched for months or years. I feel like I could write a book right now but I don't want to completely hijack your blog. So all that to say, I think you're instilling so much more in your girls by doing things like this than you ever could with just giving them gifts. /end rant ;)