Sunday, October 28, 2012

bags o' leaves

a before picture....

oh wait.

it's too dark for that.

just imagine 20 - 35 gallon clear bags full of leaves on our curb.

(whatever you're imagining, it's me.)

A storm is coming so we thought we'd make the yard look pretty for the rain clouds.
Wouldn't want to have our yard show up to the storm without looking pretty.

That'd be embarrassing.


the before picture is in your mind, right?


we fully expect it too look like we did absolutely nothing in a few hours.

I'll post the after picture.
or at least the mental after picture....when the hurricane is GONE.

in the mean time, I'm going to go make sure we have enough cookies baked to last us through several days of no electricity.

(oh, you know it...instant coffee packets ready to go!)

1 comment:

Missy said...

No freaky hybrid storm should be sat through without cookies!

Praying it loses some intensity and just blows itself right back out to sea.

Stay safe!