Saturday, October 27, 2012

nicely played Virginia.

we are supposed to have a huge storm hit our area soon.
huge like, hurricane.
huge like, you're probably sick of hearing about it on the news.

not to be outdone, 
the perfect weather fairy is visiting us today giving us the absolute most perfect day ever.

and these girls love them some fall....

Lydia loves it so much, she discovered she had super powers, leaves literally magnify to her, see:

and then someone figured out the swing was in the directed jumping path of daddy's biggest pile...uh oh!!!!

 WHOA SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!!

that's better!!!

 and they kept going and going and going and going.

 (seriously, I stopped taking pics after the 77th shot and they were all hilarious.)

fun times jumping had by all. 

well, except this little one.
Lenora is perfectly content to live without adrenaline rushing through her system...ever....thank you very much.
I'm not sure the others will live long enough to take care of me 'cause they are crazy but Lenora, Lenora will be there.
Thank you baby girl.


Liza said...

These pictures are priceless! Visited by the good weather fairy at our house today, too. Loving it while we can!

jenn said...

fun pics!! :)