Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Oct 31st!

this year, I give you:

Cookie the Dog aka Samantha

Green Bean the Frog aka Lenora:

 Ponga the Monkey aka Sophie (who now wants to be called Sophia ;-)

 and Lydia aka Smartie Pants.

 I just realized how close the word 'pants' is to 'panter'.
We could call her Smartie Panters.

the whole stinkin' ridiculously cute lot of them....

Doesn't everyone get dress up early on Oct 31 and go play at the playground?

well, we did.
our church felt it necessary to reschedule their fall festival (SO SAD) because of the storm.
lots of people have been without power for a few days so they wanted to give everyone time to recover.
 and...we will be unable to attend the rescheduled date (SO SAD) so we just went to the playground to play in our costumes with friends instead!
then we went to Target and everyone was allowed to pick out a huge bag of their fav' candy.
that's a pretty good deal, right? Instead of a variety, you get ALL your favorite!

 now everyone's watching Narnia for rest time (my choice...everyone in the movie is in some sort of costume, it just seemed right).
 Pizza and roasting marshmallows will be later.
there were tears shed over the loss of the beloved fall festival this morning but by this afternoon, everyone had taken the lemons and chucked them right back at the there!


Courtney said...

wow...GREAT recovery!! sounds perfect to me! what's YOUR favorite candy?

Tisha said...

Your pictures are amazing, Holly! Wow, you're so good with that camera!! Adorable subjects too. :)

Erika C. said...

LOVE their costumes & faces & now I just want to hug them! The twin's eyes in the pictures towards the bottom... wow!