Tuesday, October 30, 2012

what hurricane?

feeling a little guilty over here that we were in the direct path of that Frankenstorm and got hit with pretty much nothin'.
A little rain, some cool lookin' wind...but that is it.
Kept power. Kept water. No flooding.
We are all great.


Instead of talking about that, let's talk about what we did the night before the hurricane.
'Cause it was awesome.

Here's how we prepared for the hurricane:

let's just stop here.

this would really be my girls FIRST time carving pumpkins.
I know.
of all the things I go over board on, you'd think that pumpkins would be up there.
#1 - I don't really 'do' Halloween so it's not a huge priority of mine.
#2 - YOU try carving pumpkins with four sets of little hands that can't really do anything on their own with this kind of project....it really boils down to ME carving four pumpkins 
(and except for one or two years here and there, Jake would have been deployed or working 14 hour days so really, it would  have been me, not trying to leave him out or anything!)

This year, God put amazing friends in our lives who just kinda like to spoil our children.

THEY bought the pumpkins, INVITED us over, MADE the mess, CLEANED up the mess, HELPED with the carving...and now I'm crying.
Because it's that kind of attentiveness that just blows my mind.

I am not that cool.
I want to be that cool.

Ungerman's...THEY are cool.

 see...that is two daddies helping in one picture.  One in orange, one in grey...

 and an adorable 16 yr old we just can't get over.  PLEASE let all my daughters be as addicting as this little gal:

 I did help.
for like 30 seconds.
no joke, for a few minutes of the carving, I jumped on the trampoline by myself.

but I wasn't alone for long....
 (and then I had to use the bathroom 'cause we all know what combo the trampoline and 3 pregnancies produces!)

So...our host entertains again:
 and of course "Daddy" had to be chanted over and over and over so as to get him on there too.
 apparently, to be this cool, you must be from Nebraska!

 so, now we've had dinner.
carving pumpkins.
could it get better???

um....not really, but it did anyWAY!
(have you ever seen this? chocolate cookies for the s'mores!? genius for kids!!!!)

thank you Ungerman's.
That was so amazing for us.
You ministered to us with actions and words and wisdom that night...so blessed.

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Courtney said...

so much FUN!! pure fun!!