Monday, October 15, 2012


I have struggled with what our normal is for months now.
Feeling 'too' blessed.

I'll write more on it later but for now, I'm looking at this morning and choosing to love our normal.
Choosing to accept that my 'normal' isn't as much in my control as I give myself credit for it being.

A pile ready for errands:

playing with friends.
6 or 8 or 2 legged ones.
(or in this case a slug that was 'coming out'? and I was told to be quiet while I took a picture because he needed silence. check.)

cueing the rain 30 seconds after we 'built' a rain gauge for science.
(ok. that might not be normal around here but I'm including it because seriously!? What are the odds!?)

me, with no make up and crappy skin, looking up 'stuff' wasting time.....
 (and writing on here, which is not wasting time and WILL be a new part of my normal, again...dangit.)

off for more 'normal' in the day.
Art Class prep, Jake's birthday prep, groceries, dinner, yoga, sketching, tea....other hippie stuff.
ya know, normal stuff.
blessed stuff.

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Tisha said...

Crappy skin? Where???? I see no such thing...