Sunday, October 14, 2012

proud mama.

Sat down with my four amazing kids yesterday to do some self-portraits.
We were going to do them anyway but in my research on how we wanted to go about it I read that it is 'a right of passage' in elementary school to have a self-portrait so...yay me.

But really, yay them, look at these girls!

Samantha, Lydia
Sophie, Lenora

I knew it before, but I love it when it hits me all over again.


They don't even have to do anything.
I am just proud and I love that I'm proud of them.

Speaking of a proud mama:
We went to a little fall festival yesterday

(correction: NOTHING is little here in the nation's capital except the parking spaces..."we went to a ridiculously over-crowed fall festival" is more like it)

Lenora was called up on stage with a magician we stumbled upon.
She wasn't doing anything except standing there being OH SO ADORABLE and it was literally all I could do to NOT lean over to everyone near me (remember, crowds abound here, 'everyone' was a lot of people!) and let them know "just who's kid that was"!
Seriously, I was having to self-talk myself out of actually doing it.
I'm going to be the most annoying grandma!
I'm just proud of them, that's all.
And I feel blown away that I get to be in their lives the way I do.....
Blown away.


Missy said...

Oh! Love their drawings, so cute! Would you mind emailing me the name of the art program you showed me at Liz's house that you do with the girls?? I'd like to order that to do with Syd and Marvi here. I think they'd really enjoy it.

Erika C. said...

Those self-portraits just made Nathan and I both smile! I miss those Panter girls like crazy!

I LOVE how Samantha's has jewelry, Lydia's perfect eyelashes, and how the twins did the background!!

Courtney said...

LOVE the self portraits! they are beautiful!