Sunday, October 7, 2012

special weekend....

An old friend and her 'newish' husband came to spend her anniversary birthday (inside joke) weekend with us all the way from Kentucky!
Amy, you are just as beautiful and fun as ever.
Andrew, thanks for putting up with your wife's old, weird friends, we sure love you for it!

Our girls kinda fell in love too.
I have a picture but it's locked in iPhoto world right now and we are not on speaking terms.)

(Picture taken in Georgetown area.
We took Amy to Clyde's and Georgetown Cupcakes for her birthday dinner/dessert!
No. We didn't plan our outfits to look a like, just like we didn't plan our faces to look a like,
we're just both so cool we can't help it!)


Missy said...

Glad the weekend went well! Did you drive your new mini van?! Where is the picture of that by the way?

I'm totally digging' Jake's bright orange shoes! I can't let isaak see those or he would want a pair, and he already has more shoes than me, which is just wrong! I have A pair of boots just like yours except they only have one buckle. :-) is it sad that the thing (material wise) I miss the most is my boots?! Oh, to wear my stiletto suede boots again. Two years is a long to go without my favorite footwear. When
you wear boots this season think of me as you walk!

Tisha said...

I was going to ask you if you planned your clothes! How funny! What are the odds that you would be dressed so similarly?! Lovely laides, both of you.

Liz W. said...

Yeah for a fabulous weekend with old/new friends! Yeah, for giving Liz some fabulous fashion inspiration!!!
and yes, I too want to see the new Panter Swagger Wagon.

Erika C. said...

Yah for A-Mich!! Although, currently feeling jealousy that we aren't there lol! :)