Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who we are lately.

I want to blog better.

I come here and think, "so, if I were just walking by here, I'd have no idea who these people are!".
Better.  I want to be better.
For me to remember, for my girls to encourage others. (thanks for the reminder Courtney!)

Life is full right now in new ways and I'm adjusting....ALWAYS ADJUSTING this motherhood thing.  What's up with that!?

Very very full.
Indescribably full.
I know. I'm not alone. So is your life.
It's just we're all full with different things and in different ways and I want to remember what this 'full' looks like for me each day.

So much of it is hard to describe right now.
When we were in 'baby days' or 'toddler phase' the words to describe came easy (like: Sophie smeared her poopy diaper all over the wall.  See, funny, says so much, easy.)
But now, it's nuisances and those are tough.
Like, how quirky Lenora is or how matter of fact funny Sophie is or how comical Samantha is or how LOUD and intuitive Lydia is right now.
How great school is going for them.
How peaceful our home feels.
How great Jake and I are and how that just makes me scratch my head 'cause I'm is it he still likes me so much!?
How messy my heart always seems to be!
How my current weight loss has release so much tension in my mind and heart (vain? I don't think so....I need to blog more on was so linked to my heart!!!)
How beautiful where we live is right now and yet how so very different our nation's capital is from the rest of the nation!

I'm not running all the time, I don't always feel like I'm on-the-go or harried or out of control or behind.

Well, ok, I always feel behind, it's a personality thing though, not a life thing.
But full.
Again, very full.

No promises, I've said it before and then just run out of time (because I waste the time I do have on other stupid things!).
I just need to be better.

Yesterday was funny and normal but mostly funny.

Let's start with yesterday:

My family roots are in South-Central Oregon.
Ya know.
Where all the real hippies moved when California got too main stream?
THAT part of Oregon.
My closest roots reside in Colorado....the apples don't fall far from the tree, huh?
They tried to fall far with miles but culturally? uh....Colorado=just more hippies that left California.

All that to say my day went like this:

Homeschool the children because our government has screwed up the schools system.
School my friends kids with mine so my friend could go to yoga.
I drop her girls off at the studio with her so then I can go to yoga (daddy was home! special treat!).
Rinse off after yoga but no soap because even though I've just been sweating in a 105 degree room for 90 min's, soap is overrated and drying and so bad for your skin.
Put on my Teva's. (and some other things!)
Picked up some Organic Whole Milk at Trader Joes.
Come home to kiss the girls good-bye, they were playing at a friends house before their dance class.
Heat up some Chai Tea, pour in the Almond Milk (also Trader Joes)
Sit down to drink tea and sketch.
Yes, I said 'sketch'.  It's my new thing.

 (Van Gough on the Left, me on the Right...this book is flippin' amazing!!!!!! would make a KILLER Christmas present for an older teen or young adult or old adult wanting to draw!!! I'm teaching a class of high schoolers with it and we are all loving it!!!!)

People with hippie roots always have a new thing.
Talk politics with Jake, 'cause hippies LOVE to talk politics.
Pick up girls from their dance class...their off beat 'not real dance' dance class that only preforms in nursing homes.
Come home, make them homemade popcorn in a pot on the fire out back ( was on the stove)

What has happened to me!?

It's ok. We can still be friends.
I touched down on planet earth again when I painted my nails with the new Avon nail glitter (uh, fun!) and threw on my American Eagle Jeans (I'm sure manufactured in some country by under paid, over worked and too young employees that I would have major issue with if I knew about) and donned hoop earrings (they were wood though, the hippie still matter how much glitter is on the nails!)

That was better.
Good post Holly.
Now, let's do this more often because you want to remember and the three people still visiting here are getting really lonely!


Becky said...

Love the sketch, really amazing! I want to be included in that day somewhere! Yoga, Trader Joes, schooling my kids, tea!! ohhhh how I miss you friend and posts like this remind me why I miss you!

Courtney said...

yay! welcome back! that book is tempting to me...but i'm NOT in a place yet where i can add "sketching" to my day! love you!

Anonymous said...

More than three people read. I've been following your blog for a long time, I just never comment. You are a blessing and an encouragement to me. Thank you!