Tuesday, November 27, 2012

bare minimum Christmas people

we don't put up a ton for Christmas but this year was still just a fraction of what we normally do.

a tree, a nativity scene (a tri-fold metal thing from Haiti, not even a figurine one), four wreaths on the outside of the house, four mugs.
the end.

that's all you get from us this year folks.

the other three containers are stayin' right where they are, they will see Christmas in California next year!

 they are getting to where the tree actually looks good.
they plan and plot and we sit and watch.
it's a beautiful thing!

our Christmas tree decorating is never complete without a philosophical discussion about the origin of the tree....Boniface is a regular figure in our Christmas conversations.

These girls are funny like that.
Those of you who have had the pleasure of one of them plopping themselves down in your lap know this.
You either get a science lesson or a philosophy lesson.

We were walking into the Pentagon the other day and there are always helicopters flying over head, police everywhere, military police with loaded LARGE assault weapons just meandering about....so, my girls turned that into a discussion of Sept 11, and then to a discussion on the Taliban, and then to a discussion of the Muslim religion...I mean really, how many people are talking about Isaac and Ishmael with their little girls as they enter the Pentagon?

just a glimpse...that is normal for us.
Boniface, Isaac, Ishmael, Romeny (they can't seem to say Romney), Obama, God's law vs. Man's law, Slavery, etc....they just want a black and white answer.

don't we all!?

Thank you Jesus for being so black and white.
Thank you that I can always provide a clear answer to them because no matter what, it's all about You and that it solid.

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Missy said...

That makes a bare minimum Christmas for the both of us this year! I mean really, it just doesn't make sense to pull out all that Christmas stuff right before you move....good call!

And why is it that Snora in the top picture can have her hair all disheveled and it looks WAY cute....but I can't roll outta bed looking like that and people think I'm adorable?! Life is not fair I say. :~)