Thursday, December 13, 2012

Trip to Colorado Springs 2012

up up and away in a plane we Nana and Grandpa Flip's house.
a glorious 7 days of reconnecting, hanging out it was.

 dance Parker dance!
 Grandpa Flip's flies for fishing:
 Nana's collection of buttons gathered from various grandmothers:
 Garden of the Gods:

 Manitou Springs:
 Grandpa Flip's 'work'....if you call a fly fishing shop 'work'?

 Jake's impromptu fly fishing tutorial:
 Who says Thanksgiving has to be on Thanksgiving!? Not us!
We all celebrated Thanksgiving as a family just a tiny week and a half after the calendar said it was Thanksgiving.
Tasted the same to me!

 My sister-in-law's parents (who currently live 20 min's from us here in Virginia) were out visiting her and my we celebrated Thanksgiving with them too!

 Nana and Grandpa Flip:

 Hailey and Lindsey!
 Hailey, Jake, Gabriella, Sierra, Lydia, Sophie, Samantha, Me, Lenora:
 Mason, cracking up his wife and my mom!
 a dark but cute picture of all the cousins!

 Lydia drinking a 'Hot Not' in Manitou. (it was made with Carob? she decided it was gross but I loved it! score!)

 just driving along...this is NOT zoomed in.

 Grandpa Flip and Gabriella:

 Sierra and Lydia:
 a yummy recipe!!!

memories to not forget:
Jake got sick. Lydia got was no biggie! It was 60 degrees the whole time we were there.
Not pictured was an open house with all sorts of people from our past - super super fun!!!

Jazzercise with my mama. My daddy's cookin' dad can cook.  So can my mom and brother for that matter....I was so stuffed when we came home!!! Lots of time playing with the dogs.  Shopping, running, cooking, relaxing, huggin' on my was perfect!


KB said...

oh i love all the pictures!! Good seeing your folks! And you are just beautiful!

Stacy said...

That is an A.mAZ.INg picture of the whole family. precious.

Missy said...

LOVE the last picture with the whole family!! You should frame that somewhere, it's great.