Friday, November 2, 2012

lots o' love.

there's just a lot of love and peace goin' on in this house right now.
(along with some curry and yoga and haircuts...but other than that, just love and peace!)

millie bug....

 (sophie and emmett)

 (millie, samantha, summer, lydia, lenora)

 lenora and sophie are just a tiny bit connected to little e.
oh. my. heart.

I'm weird.
I'm not a huge baby person...unless it's the baby of a really close friend and then I almost get so attached I feel like it could be one of my own....I don't let on to this so as not to weird anyone out but MAN...I love these kids.
all seven of 'em!
and three of them have a mama that I just kind of adore too ;-).

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear someone else feels this way about babies. Whew.